Two fragments of a looped linen fabric

Inventory number: FT 143
Photo Michel Lechien, Musée royal de Mariemont

Design originally formed by two bands of wool with shorter loops than those on the linen ground: there are still traces of it in the smaller piece. Stylised foliated scrolls are edged with two lines of wavelets.




4th - 6th century


Linen and wool


1) Warp: 12 cm, weft: 21.5 cm; 2) Warp: 29 cm, weft: 12 cm


Cf. FT 139.
Louvre, inv. X 4558: two friezes.
RMAH, Brussels, inv. ACO.Tx.0149: idem.


Collection Coptic textiles Fill-Trevisiol: donation


Musée royal de Mariemont

Weft-looped linen cloth with inwoven woollen and linen tapestry

I. Ground weave


natural-coloured linen S: 24/cm


natural-coloured linen S: 12/cm

II. Pile areas

1) Long linen loops
2) Short linen and wool loops

Special techniques:

1) weft loops: 10 picks between the loops; in pick with loops: 1 linen yarn/pick; linen loops: 3 yarns together (3-7 warps between the loops)
Short linen and wool loops
2) weft loops: 3 picks between the loops; wool and linen for loops are woven over the total length of the weave (in different sheds) and are only pulled into loops where needed for the design; linen loops: 3 yarns together (3 warps between the loops); wool loops: 1 wool and 1 linen together (3-5 warps between the loops)